Corporate Advisory


Our goal is to offer value by providing business owners, entrepreneurs, directors and their team with the financial information and processes necessary to help grow their companies and protect their “sweat equity” investments.

We facilitate access to debt markets, skill building in accounting and financial management, narrowing gap between the financial institution and entrepreneur for better facilitation of our client’s financial management.

Accounting Policies and Procedures and Internal Control

  • Review and strengthen processing, reporting and internal controls.
  • Simplify, train and educate staff to understand information processing.
  • Evaluate and implement “checks’ and “balances” to improve reporting accuracy and safeguard of assets.

MIS and Board Reporting

  • Preparation of detail MIS for internal and external reporting.
  • Building dashboards for senior management to monitor KPI.
  • Specialized MIS reporting for BOD and Investor meetings.

Accounting Health Check Up

  • To check key accounting and reporting areas and provide recommendation from CFO’s perspective to strengthen finance and accounts function.
  • Interacting with the accounts team, auditor, tax consultant etc to provide summary of findings and our recommendation to achieve company goals and objective.
  • To formulate and implement accounting policies and procedures as per the general accepted accounting norms and reporting purpose.
  • To interact with the auditors and get audits done as per the prescheduled timeline.